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Project DaTraM

RSOE is the executer of the project „Dangerous Cargo Transport Monitoring on Inland Waterways” – DaTraM, which is a project of GKM (Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport) and co-financed by the European Union and GKM. The project focuses on the safety and security issues of River Information Services. During the project a special test stretch will be implemented on the northern Hungarian Danube stretch to monitor dangerous goods carrier vessels. The project will also elaborate initiatives for river security measures.
The test area was intentionally chosen, because the dangerous goods is most common on the upper Danube between the refinery of Vienna (AT) and Százhalombatta (HU) located 30 km south of Budapest. This represents a test area for the pilot installation of approximately 310 km.
The objective of via-donau and RSOE is to implement a fully operable pilot system between Vienna and Százhalombatta as well as to connect all the relevant participants into this system because of the following purposes:
  • To develop, establish and licence RIS services (authority and disaster management services), which related safety questions and to acceptating the related standards with the Austrian, Slovakian and Hungarian governmental and economical participants.
  • To establish European Reference System relative to the safety related RIS services (authority and disaster management services).
  • Development recommendations related safety and security of inland navigation by the experience of the pilot system, which could help in the adaptation of the legal environment for Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.
Main functions of the pilot system:
  • On-board applications:
    RSOE and via-donau planned to equip all vessels, which transporting dangerous cargo between Hungary and Austria with AIS transponder and electronical navigational charts as well as equipments which are necessary to have resort further RIS services related to safety questions.
  • Shore applications:
    RSOE planned to set up a microwave backbone network between Budapest and Győr and also planned to establish AIS network between Százhalombatta and Győr (this is 180 km long stretch of the Hungarian Danube).
  • Operational applications:
    RSOE planned to set up the Hungarian RIS centre in the Budapest base of RSOE’s, which going to connect to the Austrian RIS center as well as on-board and user applications (Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence, port authorities, conveyors and terminal operators).
  • User applications:
    RSOE planned to provide safety, efficient and defense RIS services for the relevant users(Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence, port authorities, conveyors and terminal operators).
DaTraM meeting in Budapest
14 March 2006
The DaTraM status meeting was organized in Százhalombatta and in Budapest. In the morning the participants visited the refinery of Százhalombatta and get acquainted with the operation of the installed hardwares and softwares.
DaTraM meeting
28 February 2006
The V. DaTraM workshop was organised in Budapest in the office of RSOE. The main topics of the meeting were the followings: consultation regarding to the Crisis Management Service furthermore consultation regarding to the 5th workpackage.
DaTraM meeting
22 February 2006
The DaTraM meeting was arrenged in Budapest at the office of RSOE with the following participants: Andreas Baeck and Mario Kaufmann from via donau, Imre Horváth and Csaba Bellyei from the General Inspectorate of Transport and the employee of RSOE.